August 2020 Newsletter

Sometimes it feels like the world is changing faster than reports get to you. There are so many significant issues affecting the financial markets, interest rates, negative net yields on the 10-year treasury, gold, the decline in the dollar, pandemic-market correlations, fiscal and monetary policy successes, and earnings.  Each of these topics can account for reasons to engage in asset … Read More

Several Scenarios-One Big Happy Unknown Strategy, Discipline & Patience

If you could answer the following question, my job would be much easier. Are we in (1) an extended bull market that still has not ended and is now in the final stages of a melt-up, (2) the beginning of a new bull market after experiencing the shortest bear market in history (government shutdown induced), or (3) a world of … Read More

Recession or Recovery?

So, which is it, recession or recovery? On June 8, 2020 Yahoo Finance posted an article whose headline read, “The US Economy is Officially in Recession.” The following day, June 9, 2020, First Trust Corporation analysts sent an article to me entitled, “The Recession is Over.” You see, if you thought that was a fast recovery, you had no idea … Read More

June 2020 Newsletter

Just the Facts Daily Covid-19 deaths have been cut in half over the past six weeks but remain elevated. Miles driven and retail purchases have clearly troughed and should improve further as the economy reopens. Earnings projections for the S&P 500 are expected to hit $125 for 2020, $150 for 2021, and $165 in 2022; roughly equaling the earnings of … Read More

March 2020 Newsletter

Backdrop, What We Know, Don’t Know, Current Management Strategy and Expectations in a Year A few days ago, I sent you a March 9th report from Credit Suisse Research describing their analysis of S&P 500 earnings for 2020. After accounting for disruptions from the Corona virus and the collapse of pricing in oil, they have concluded the S&P 500 will … Read More

February 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the month and year of the first palindrome in over 909 years. 02/02/2020 was the first world calendar palindrome since 11/11/1111. If you’re struggling to understand the significance of these historic events, there may be none. This itself is an important recognition as most of our observations may include novelty without importance or, like failed impeachment, the significance … Read More


News on the new SECURE ACT of 2019 As some of you may have heard, there is a new tax act which was signed into law by President Trump on December 20, 2019. This affects you. Why? Beginning January 2020, the prohibition of contributions to a traditional IRA account by individuals who have reached the age 70 ½ is repealed.(Section … Read More

December 2019 Newsletter

Merry Christmas By Vaughn Woods, CFP, MBA Merry Christmas? That’s what Credit Suisse is predicting for 2020. If they are correct, it’s a scenario that sets up a grand year for investors and may spell the last leg up before the end of this economic cycle. You’ve heard me say this, but again, the two best times to invest are … Read More

September 2019 Newsletter

Portfolio Strategy September 2019 By Vaughn Woods, CFP, MBA With Great Britain and the European Union in flat to recessionary growth and for fear of spillover into the U.S. economy, the Federal Reserve is expected to announce still lower interest rates in September. The 30-year Treasury bond is already yielding just 1.98% (a record low) and the 10-year bond yields … Read More

August 2019 Newsletter

Back to the basics. Ok. It’s time to discuss the value of using the John Wooden basics of basketball as an investment strategy. As you may know, John Wooden was the greatest head coach of men’s college basketball of all time. His coaching acumen started as a player. At just 5’ 10” tall, he was the first player to be … Read More